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  • Twin - $849
  • Twin XL - $949
  • Full - $1199
  • Queen - from $1399
  • King - from $1599
  • California King - from $1599
Premium materials used.
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HONGi ‐ Your Good Morning Mattress

We are your comprehensive sleep service provider. Reasons below:


You are an individual. That's why we let you customize the mattress to your specific wants and needs.

Easy to use configurator

Utilizing our proprietary algorigthm, our configurator guides you in creating your ideal mattress by answering a few simple questions.

Interchangeable top layer

Your HONGi can adapt to your changing needs. Even after purchase, you can always replace the top layer of your mattress with a firmer or softer variant to keep you waking up to a good morning every day.

High quality

Sourcing the highest quality components, your HONGi is made-to[order for you in the USA.

Prices from $699

Since we are a direct to consumer company, selling mostly on our website, we are able to transfer the savings on to you to give you a premium, made-to-order, customized mattress that is affordable.

Delivery to your door

Our mattresses are comfortable – and so is their delivery. Your HONGi comes to your doorstep in a compact box. For an extra charge, we also set it up for you and take your old mattress with us for proper disposal.

100 Day risk-free trial

We give you 100 days to get to know your HONGI totally risk-free. In case you don't get along you can send it back to us.

10 years warranty

We guarantee 10 years of material resistance on each HONGi. In addition, you will receive a two-year full warranty from us, in which we repair any damage caused by material defects through repair or replacement.

No shipping costs

There are no shipping charges. Not even if you want to return your mattress.

Different Levels of firmness

No matter if you prefer a firm or soft mattress – we will provide the right firmness for you to relax based on the answers you enter on our configurator.

No more compromises for couples

If you share the bed with your partner you can choose two different mattresses under one cover in our configurator. Don't compromise on your mattress any longer!

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Versatile materials

Whether cold foam, boxspring, visco or gel – we draw from all common materials to make your mattress the perfect place to relax.


HONGi mattresses are custom designed for breathibility and comfort. Whether you sleep hot or cold, HONGi has you convered.

11.5" mattress height

You deserve a comfortable lying position with the highest level of cushion possible. Your HONGi has a height of 11.5" which takes up your body and lets you relax perfectly.

Extra shoulder and pelvic zone

Total body comfort - shoulders and pelvis are particularly sensitive so your new HONGi is created with this in mind, to support your entire body so that you wake up to a good morning everyday.

Smart mattress option

You can use our hardware to gather data about your sleep from turnover rate to heart rate allowing you to track your sleep over time. This allows you to improve your sleep cycles even further giving you even more personalization options.

On any base

You can put your new HONGi mattress on any base, slotted frame, pallet, adjustable bed frame and others.

To Sleep and Beyond!

We spend 33% of our lives sleeping on a mattress- this goes far beyond just sleeping. If you like to work, read, play and chill on your mattresslearn or do other things in bed beyond sleeping, we make your HONGi extra firm for you.

200 years of Mattress experience

The HONGI team has years of experience in the production and design of mattresses. With us, your favorite place is in the best hands.

Great Customer Support: when you're sleeping, we're not!

Last but not least, we are always happy to help you out or have a chat about your sleep and our mattress. Just contact our service team.

And now it's your turn! Even more good reasons for us you'll get to know when you put together your own HONGI in our configurator.

Free shipping
& return
Your HONGi will be delivered comfortably and free of cost to your down. In case of return we’ll arrange the pick-up with you.
100 days
You may test your HONGi for 100 days absolutely risk free. If you are not 100% happy you get your money back.
10 years
We guarantee you that your HONGi will be there for you at least ten years, while you can also interchange the top layer anytime.

Use your HONGi anywhere

box springs
On your boxspring bed
On the floor
On a slatted frame
You can use your HONGi
on any even surface.

Your HONGi-mattress
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