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Good morning for two!

Every couple is the coming together of two unique inividuals.

HONGi dual sleep zone mattresses are a no-compromise solution for couples, no matter how different their needs.

At HONGi we only use high quality materials for your personalized mattress. To know more about the materials which are used we prepared an overview for you.

Visco Gel Foam

Designed to reduce heat and deliver cooler sleep, the HONGi Gel Swirl Visco provides a high quality, pressure-relieving foam layer. The layer eliminates discomfort in your shoulders and hips while the infused gel lowers surface temperatures for a comfortable rest.

Latex Layer

The HONGi latex mattress layer is a supportive, highly elastic material. Unlike most mattresses in the market, we implemented a perforated design that allows air to flow through freely. That way we can achieve softness without sinking, pressure relief and support with the right airflow. Additionaly, the high elasticity of our Latex allows the mattress to instantly respond to movements. Healthy sleepers move on average 50 times each night, making limited motion transfer very important for couples.

Comfort Foam

HONGi poly foam is an open cell material, designed to conform to the body for pressure relief and comfort.

Memory Foam

This four-pound elastic foam layer, aims to deliver the right amount of softness. A durable memory foam material, it’s designed to stand the test of time.

Nanocoils core

Delivering a unique, responsive feel, NanoCoil contours to your body and reduces motion transfer so you and your partner won’t feel each other moving around. Additionally, the innerspring technology draws heat away from your body 28% more efficiently than standard mattress foam designs, contributing to a cooler sleep experience.

Pocket Spring Core

HONGi’s 660 Caliber 6" 13.75 GA dynamic support core is a unique blend of comfort and durability for blissful rest, night after night. Our innersprings flex and respond to support and conform to your body contours.

Support is essential to good sleep. Otherwise, your body loses proper spinal alignment and subsequent muscle tensing. Our innerspring system is tested on a rollator machine, simulating 10-years of use, and passed with flying colors. Rest easy knowing your custom HONGi mattress is proven to deliver a consistent support for years to come.

Base Layers

These two base layers contribute to back support, proper spinal alignment and the right amount of pressure relief.

You get your HONGi in a useful Box (or in two boxes if you decided on a double mattress) per UPS. Your HONGi is set up in short time and will deliver you your individual „Good Morning“.

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Free shipping & returns | 100 day trial | 10 year HONGi warranty