Our Mattress Materials

Your HONGi consists of three modular layers that are selected exactly according to your answers in our configurator. For your ideal combination, we use all common materials in the high-quality segment, so you can really get the maximum of recovery.

Here we explain in detail what we are working with. These are all kinds of materials.

You can rely on the following, no matter what combination your HONGi contains:

All materials come from regional production.
All materials are of the highest quality.
You get a premium mattress at the best price as we deliver directly from the manufacturer.



HONGi latex is supportive and soft, breathable and buoyant. In other words, it’s a perfect combination. Around sensitive areas, our latex comfort layer relieves pressure, while putting you in a supported, elevated body position. It’s softness with no sinking feeling. To keep you cool, our latex is perforated for increased airflow.

When you lie down on our specially formulated Hongi foam you’ll experience a moment soothing sinking. Don’t be surprised if you say, “Ahhhhhh.” That’s normal. Our durable memory foam creates a cradling softness that absorbs pressure for undisturbed sleep and unmatched mornings.

Customized Sleeping


Premium Mattress Technology

Poly foam
Imagine sleeping on a puffy cumulus cloud. That’s how you’ll feel when nestling into Hongi’s flexible, cushioning poly foam. Poly foam is an open cell material that conforms to the body for pressure relief and comfort.

Base Poly foam
Our comfort foams work within your mattress’ to assist our key components in creating a sleep system that’s comfortable and consistent. So you experience a good morning for many years to come.

Gel Swirl Visco
The elegant feel of high quality, pressure-relieving foam with a gel infusion designed to reduce heat and deliver cooler sleep. Your body is made of several sharp points, like your shoulders and hips. This comfort layer releases around those jagged parts for instant comfort.


NanoCoil® performance comfort layer conforms to the individual contours of your body for a personalized feel. Delivering a unique, responsive feel, NanoCoil reduces motion transfer so you and your partner won’t feel each other moving around.

Caliber Coil
HONGi's dynamic support core offers a unique blend of comfort and durability that delivers blissful rest, night after night. Our innersprings flex and respond to support and conform to the contours of your body. Support is essential to good sleep because when too much sinking occurs, your body loses proper spinal alignment, which can lead to muscles tensing and fighting for a stable position.


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