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Can a HONGi be personalized for two people with individual sides?

Yes, absolutely. This will be selected during your mattress configuration. Just make sure to sleep on the right side to avoid any fights.

What is the delivery period for my mattress?

The delivery period depends on the variation of the HONGi Mattress. Depending on your unique configuration, different structure and some layers can are produced quickly while others take a bit longer. However, HONGi secures a delivery period of maximum 18 days after online configuration. Free Shipping in the USA, delivered to your door.

Where and how can I try out the HONGi Mattresses?

HONGi is an online mattress vendor, which means that we are not building a brick and mortar stores chain. However, customer satisfaction in of major interest for HONGi. We offer a 100 day trial period with every mattress purchase. If you are not fully satisfied with your mattress, you have an opportunity to exchange the top layer for free! If you are still not satisfied with your mattress even after the layer exchange, you can return your mattress for a full refund.

Is there an adjustment period for my new mattress?

Yes, every person has to get used to their new mattress, just like breaking in a new pair of shoes.The time to get used to your mattress generally depends on your age and is as follows:

  • under 20 years old – 10 days
  • 20 – 40 years old – 20 days
  • 40+ years old – ca. 35 days

Is HONGi a right mattress for those who have back/neck pain?

Yes. That is why our HONGi Configurator has particular questions addressing those needs, such as spine injuries or back pain, reading in bed etc. However, our mattress cannot replace medical treatment and prolonged pain should be addressed by a doctor.

How long can I use my mattress?

We guarantee 10 years of usage duration, whereas from hygienic and healthcare matters we highly recommend to change your mattress at least every 8 years. Changing your top layer can help prolong the life if your mattress as well.

On which surface can a HONGi mattress be used?

HONGi Mattress can be used on every surface, whether it is a slatted frame, a pallet, or floor. However, in combination with slatted frames, the maximum level of comfort is provided and air flow is optimized Thus, in order to assure the maximum lifetime of your mattress, slatted frames are recommended.

What is the structure of the HONGi Mattress?

The HONGi Mattress consists of 5 layers, which are contained within two covers, an inner and an outer one, which can be opened with a zipper. The outer cover is thicker and aims to bring you a nice and soft comfort feeling. The inner cover is thinner and is designed to keep the layers together. This enables layer exchange if such a necessity arises.


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