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What makes a HONGi mattress different than all the others?

In short, you do! HONGi mattresses are made especially for you, taking into account your unique needs and wants. At HONGi, you wont get one-fits-all solutions like every other bed in a box, but a personalized mattress comprised of premium materials made for you and only you!

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Why is a HONGi mattress more affordable than other similar mattresses you can buy in stores?

We are a direct to consumer company. By forging strong relationships with our manufacturer, we have cut out the middle man (the distributor and retailer) and have transferred on the savings to you, our customer. A mattress of similar quality retails for $3000 and up.

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What's unique about a HONGi mattress and how many layers does it have?

Our mattresses consist of 5 layers enclosed by an inner and an outer cover. Both have a zipper. The outer cover is slightly thicker and makes your HONGi mattress soft and cozy. The inner lining is thinner and keeps the layers of your HONGi mattress together as they are not glued together. Your HONGi is modular and can adapt to your changing needs. The top layer of your mattress is interchangable, enabling you to make your HONGi softer or firmer by changing out the top layer. Top layer replacements are free within the first 100 days of purchase so that you can be truly satisfied with your mattress and wake up to a good morning everyday!

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Where can I buy a HONGi mattress?

You can buy your HONGi mattress on our website, https://hongi.com, after you take our 3 minute sleep quiz, which will assist us in crafting the mattress of your dreams.

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Free shipping & returns | 100 day trial | 10 year HONGi warranty