Good Morning!

We are HONGI – your partner for healthy sleep and good energy. Our personalized mattresses make sure you have enough power every day to make your dreams come true. Everyone is unique and has special sleeping habits. That's why you do not get any "one-fits-all" solutions from us, but the individual mattress that suits you.

This is how it works:

All you must do is take our 3-minute sleep quiz and we will do the rest. By answering the questions you design your HONGI mattress according to your personal needs and ideas. Once you have ordered, your HONGI mattress is manufactured just for you. We cooperate with experienced manufacturers from the US.

What happens next?

Your customized HONGI mattress will be delivered free of charge right to your doorstep. You can try it for 100 days with full money back guarantee. Because we know that life situations can change, you still can change the top layer of your mattress after purchase. Just talk to our service team about it. We wish you a lot of fun together and of course a good morning!

The HONGi vision

HONGi means experience. Even before the name HONGi emerged only in our dreams, each of us in our own family and acquaintance circle was through his expertise contact person for advice on mattress purchases. In order to recommend the "right" mattress, we naturally had to ask our loved ones about their habits and needs. During conversations about sleeping and lying needs on a personal level, it became clear how different each one's preferences might be.

The subsequent feedback was often very positive – for example, that the sleep quality was significantly improved by the recommended mattress. We were delighted, of course. Yet, it was all the more regrettable that changes in life (eg pregnancies) or the price made a certain selection sometimes impossible. We also found it a pity that we were able to offer this personal consultation only to our respective narrowest circle and for the perfect feeling even had to refer to recommend external brands.

In a brainstorming, the vision finally emerged, which now makes it possible for all people to get the right mattress for him or her at any time at a low cost. After one and a half years of development, including the founding of the brand, HONGi was born and ready for the mission of positively influencing the sleep of people around the world – in short, turning every morning into a "Good Morning".

The HONGi mission

At HONGi we are not just another mattress supplier. We are listeners and service providers – for you. We do not need you for our mattresses, but will make for you the mattress you need. We want to help more people to experience the benefits of a custom-made mattress. We want her to become the heart of your home because she is as special as you are. A place just for you and the ones you choose. Your mattress should be as individual as your life and your dreams. It should be your breakfast room, your reading corner and your retreat for every mood. And, of course, your place for fun and relaxation. We look forward to being your partner every day for better sleep and more energy. All our products and actions are designed to help you.

In this sense: Good Morning – what can we do for you?

Our Team

Our team, comprised of mattress and innovation experts, came together to build the perfect mattress for everyone. The HONGi team consists of transversal and big thinkers.

  • We come from completely different backgrounds
  • We stand for improvement and change
  • We come from different age groups
  • And so we have an exact wide angle for your wishes as a customer

With HONGi, we are facing a big challenge: Why build a new mattress brand, if people could just buy from any of the already existing?

Answer: Because we believe that you as a customer are not just "anyone" and we would like to offer you benefits that you have not known so far. With us, the global mattress market will turn from an impersonal industrial sector into a customer-oriented service branch that will be fun to be part of.

We are mixed, but we have a common goal:
We want to give you energy for your personal dreams.

If you would like to participate in this project, we are glad about your initiative application.

Good Morning!

Your HONGi-mattress
is waiting for you!