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“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

Kenneth B. Elliott
Our story

For as long as we can remember we have been fascinated with the science of sleep and with the effect our mattresses have in shaping our sleeping habits and health.

For all our expertise, every time friends or family would ask our help when deciding on a mattress, we would stumble. And market research shows that most of you stumble as well, taking on average a week before you decide on a model. And it makes sense! It’s a once every 10 years type of purchase after all. But can anyone foresee their sleeping needs and wants 4, 6 or 8 years from now? Realistically, no. Which explains why every mattress purchase we know of ended with buying a “Good enough I guess...” mattress.

What if, we asked, it didn’t have to be this way?
In 2015, we got excited with the premise of the first direct-to-consumer mattress-in-a-box efforts door but eventually we were let down. While the business model was revolutionary the product was anything but. We quickly realized that the "one size fits all” approach makes for good advertising copy but not for good mornings!

To us, it felt like the actual product, the mattress, needed a fresh breath of life. So, we slept on it (pun intended!). Again, and again and again. How do you create a high quality, affordable and truly personal mattress? And then we realized the answer to the equation: modular design! A modular mattress would allow us to create a personalized high-quality solution, one that can adapt to our constantly evolving lifestyles and sleep needs.
And that is how HONGi was born. A name derived from Maori tradition, signifying a greeting accompanied with the exchange of a breath of life. An ancient symbol for embracing uniqueness.

Welcome to Mattress 2.0

At HONGi we have created something bigger than a one dimensional product. We call it Mattress 2.0: a lifelong “Good Morning” sleep service anchored in the ingenuity of our modular mattress.
We want HONGi to change what you expect from your mattress; to transform a once-every-ten-years product into a service that evolves together with you, your needs and your wants.
What’s left to say other than: Good Morning!


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HONGi Mattress Media Reviews

  • “Smart Homes Are Becoming Smarter: Here’s How Tech Will Make You Feel Like You’re Living In The Future”

    Our sleep quality is directly related to the mattress we sleep on, and HONGi makes sure you have the mattress that fits your needs best. HONGi allows you to customize your mattress exactly as you wish. You can even customize both sides, so no more fighting over mattresses if your significant other prefers soft while you prefer firm.

    14 Aug 2017

  • "Customize your perfect night sleep with the HONGi modular mattress"

    Instead of people compromising with a bed that’s close enough, HONGi’s modular design allows users to customize their mattress to fit their individual preferences.

    Getting a better night’s sleep starts with filling out a quick, 15-question survey. The questions are personable and important in building the perfect mattress.

    From there, HONGi’s survey creates up to 150 different mattress combinations using 1,600 coils in each mattress. This ensures the perfect body adjustment from Twin to California King. Since the mattress is modular, it uses non-bonded, non-slippery, adjustable layers that can be individually replaced at any time.

    23 Jun 2017

  • "The Customizable HONGi Mattress Promises The Sleep Of Your Dreams"

    The makers of a new smart mattress have set out to put an end to our lack of sleep and our groggy mornings, promising the sleep of our dreams. Meet HONGi, a smart mattress with interchangeable parts that allows you to have the best bed for you based on your specific needs.

    24 Aug 2017

  • "Sleep Right with HONGi, the World’s First Truly Customizable Smart Mattress"

    New York-based HONGi has created the world’s first truly customizable smart mattress in hopes of quelling your night time woes. Through their online customization program and algorithm, HONGi is able to work with customers to compile and present the perfect mattress at an unbeatable price, in only a few minutes.

    15 May 2017

HONGi has a Green-e certification and verification which stands for renewable energy and greenhouse gas-mitigation products

3 years in
design and development

Designed in Germany,
manufactured in the USA

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