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The world’s first customizable, modular mattress. Made in the USA.
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Good morning! We are HONGi - your partner for a refreshed, well-rested and energetic you, everyday. Our made-to-order mattresses will provide you with the comfort you crave and encourage you to chase your real dreams day in and day out. Just answer a few easy questions in our configurator below and turn your bed into your personalized charging station. Let us help you make every morning a good morning!
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HONGi offers you various features that will take your
Good Morning experience to a whole new level. Try it!

Mattress 2.0

Customized and Modular - Our easy to use configurator enables you to customize your HONGi to your unique specifications.

Premium Quality

Our top of the line materials make HONGi your perfect spot to unwind, recharge and enjoy every day.

Go Smart

Upgrade your HONGi and let it’s intelligent biometric system sense everything you need to do to fine tune and improve your sleep.


With HONGI’s interchangeable top layers that can be purchased as your needs change, your HONGi can evolve with you so that you can always have a good morning.

Bed Frame in a Box

Our extremely durable bed frame unfolds in seconds and can fit through every door with ease, the true definition of a bed in a box.

Made in the USA

German Engineering - Made in the USA!

100 days trial

Try us! You can test your custom-made HONGi for 100 days at home.

Free shipping

Delivery is free of cost and also if you would like to interchange a layer or have to return your mattress it won’t cost you a cent.

10 years warranty

Each HONGi comes with a guaranteed lifetime of ten years.

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